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Girls Attend Wilkes Women Empowered By Science Camp, July 28 to Aug. 1

Middle School Students Step Into The World of CSI and House M.D.

Contact: Vicki Mayk

Local girls will experience the exciting world of science through captivating labs, including unique role-plays inspired by hit shows “C.S.I.” and “House M.D.,” at Wilkes University’s Women Empowered by Science Summer Camp.

The week-long camp, held July 28-Aug. 1, encourages girls’ interest in studying science and pursuing science careers. Employing a hands-on approach, students participate in different laboratories each day, allowing them to sample many different areas of science through investigative experiences and projects. The camp is funded by contributions from UGI and Fairchild Semiconductor.

This year, the camp comprises 80 girls entering seventh or eighth grade from 14 area middle schools. Schools represented include St. Jude School, Crestwood, Wilkes-Barre Academy, Holy Rosary, Wyoming Valley West, Wyoming Seminary, Forest City Regional, Wilkes-Barre Area, Dallas, Hanover Area, Wyalusing, Bear Creek Charter School, Riverside, Lake Lehman, St. Nicholas and St. Mary’s.

Examples of some of the activities students will participate in include:


Students will design and program LEGO robots to pick up or move objects in two simulated environments: cleaning dust off solar panels on Mars or repairing underwater pipelines while avoiding sharks in the ocean.

Bird Behavior

Pennsylvania is home to nearly 200 species of birds, most of which are unknown to the residents of the same state. WEBS participants will be introduced to Pennsylvania birds at Kirby Park where they will make observations and have hands-on encounters with several resident birds.


Students will use investigative techniques to analyze hair samples, lift fingerprints, and bring a culprit to justice. 

House M.D.

Students will work together to diagnosis a medical condition based on symptoms. After researching the symptoms and gathering pertinent medical information, students will present their diagnosis to other camp participants.

Physics of Dance

How does physics affect how fast or slow a dancer spins? What does gravity have to do with how she balances? Why are her jumps so high? Students will learn about all this and choreograph their own dance in this lab! 

Food Chemistry

Much of the food that we make and eat every day is unhealthy. Students will “rehab” a recipe to make a dessert that is healthy and delicious.

Published On: 7/25/2014
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