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Stark Learning Center Closure Update 3 p.m., May 19, 2014

Contact: Vicki Mayk

Thanks to the hard work of the Wilkes facilities staff, the older, original section of Stark Learning Center once again has power. This is the three-story section immediately adjacent to the greenway. Facilities staff continues to monitor and assess issues in the north section of the building, which is the four-story wing facing South River Street.

Faculty, staff and employees who work anywhere in Stark are being granted a second day of administrative leave on Tuesday, May 20, and should not report to work. This will give facilities additional time to fully prepare the operational section of the building and give the registrar time to re-assign class locations. All other employees are expected to report to work at normal times. 

Classes will be able to be held in certain sections of the building. Students with classes in Stark should contact the registrar’s office at 570-408-2000 to confirm the location of their classes.

The Provost will work with the deans to contact faculty whose offices or classes will be displaced as a result of the issues in Stark. 

Additional updates will be shared on Tuesday, May 20, and as new information becomes available.

Any questions about building access should be directed to the Public Safety Office at 570-408-4999. Access to the building continues to be restricted in the newer section of Stark for everyone other than facilities personnel. Anyone who needs to gain access to that section of the building must be approved by Public Safety.

Published On: 5/19/2014
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