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P4: ASHP Midyear Residency Prep Session #1

Class of 2013: We have nailed down the first date and time for the first of three fall P4 Residency Information Sessions, and hope all/most/many of you will/can be there. Please come if you can, as the session will help you to get a better handle on the residency application process, and what to expect from now until the ASHP Midyear Meeting in the beginning of December. 2012

Residency Information Session #1 (1 of 3) The date for the event is: October 8th (Monday) The time is: 5:30PM Location: SLC 105 (PILL - Pharmacy Care Lab) Provided: Pizza and soda (beer is not provided, and not encouraged. What to bring: Yourself, any information you have about residencies so far, and questions you have regarding residencies What to wear: Professional dress- kidding! Presenters: Drs. Adam Welch and Jonathan Ference. Topic of Presentation: Nothing!... No really, nothing! This is an open forum to help answer the specific questions/concerns YOU have. Therefore, the more prepared you are for the session, the more you will get out of it! RSVP (B/C of pizza): to tina.koerber@wilkes.edu by Oct 8th@ 12noon, but if you know now, e-mail her and get it out of the way! Please Again, do all you can to make this session. It will be packed with info. However, if you can't make it, DON'T sweat it! Another one will be planned for the end of October to add to this one, and also catch those who couldn't make the first one. The final one will also be in November, and we will be asking the current residents of Wilkes (and area) programs to be present to share their thoughts.

Residency Grant - Lastly, I hope those who are thinking of residency training, are contemplating and ideally already registered to attend the ASHP midyear meeting in Las Vegan. NV in December. Those who are going to attend for the purpose of seeking post-graduate (i.e. residency) training, are eligible for support through a grant funded by the Department of Pharmacy Practice Residency Committee. Applicants will be required to submit an essay prior to midyear about why they wish to do a residency. Once the deadline is reached, all essays will be reviewed and those selected will be awarded the grant. If selected, you will need to complete a post-meeting questionnaire in order to receive reimbursement (to be provided prior to Midyear). The amount of reimbursement will depend on a number of factors, but will be up to $500. Please take advantage of this grant opportunity to help offset your costs! The submission deadline is November 4, 2012. All applications are to be submitted to me electronically (eric.wright@wilkes.edu; and cc tina.koerber@wilkes.edu). When developing this essay, please: 1. Place your name on top of the essay (hopefully you would have known to do this) 2. Comment (at least) on all of the following: a. If and why you are interested in seeking a residency b. Why you are attending the ASHP midyear meeting, and what you hope to get out of the meeting c. What type of residency are you seeking (E.g. PGY1 in pharmacy practice, community or managed care, interest in specialty area?) If you have any questions about the application, grant or process, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I hope as always that your APPE experiences are going very well, and look forward to seeing many of you at the residency sessions and/or before! Sincerely, Dr.W. PS. Information about the ASHP midyear meeting can be found at: http://www.ashp.org/Import/MEETINGS/MidyearClinicalMeeting.aspx Also, ASHP is loaded with many of the questions and answers that you may have.

Please visit: http://www.ashp.org/s_ashp/cat1c.asp?CID=27&DID=27

Finally, the application process for residencies is getting easier with Phorcas, please check it out! www.ashp.org/phorcas.

Published On: 10/4/2012
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