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Graduate Education

Graduate Education
Graduate Teacher Education

You might be interested in Grad Ed programs; if you are a teaching professional who is interested in honing your teaching skills by gaining expertise in technology applications or special education principles.

Or perhaps you want to move into an administrative role. We can help you work toward your goals. 

You can find a variety of programs that Wilkes offers by clicking here.

To help accommodate your busy schedule, courses are offered in online, hybrid, and face-to-face formats.  In addition to the course offerings on our Wilkes-Barre campus, Wilkes has provided fully accredited graduate education courses at off-campus sites since 1979.

The mission of Graduate Education programs

at Wilkes is to provide the educational community with opportunities to become leaders in classroom instruction and in the administration of schools. As such, the Graduate Education Program seeks to promote the highest levels of intellectual growth and career development through a collaborative environment that supports teaching in a diverse learning environment, while valuing commitment to the educational communities it serves.



*Authorization requirements for distance education vary by state. Wilkes University is currently in the process of pursuing individual state authorizations and approvals, as necessary, for its online course delivery. Wilkes is not required to have state authorization in all 50 states and may choose not to enroll students from states where we are not authorized. Any questions related to the university's approval to offer graduate education programs in a specific state should be forwarded to our Graduate Admissions team. Please note: Since distance education requirements vary by state, distance education students who change their residency to a state in which Wilkes University is not approved to operate may be unable to remain enrolled at Wilkes University or may have their academic progression delayed until proper approvals may be obtained.

**For Ohio residents: The online graduate programs  within the Wilkes University School of Education with on-ground experiences that are available to Ohio residents are authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents. Additional online graduate programs that do not have on-ground experiences are exempt from authorization by the Ohio Board of Regents.