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Continued Learning

Continued Learning

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Lifelong learning opportunities abound at the Center for Continued Learning at Wilkes University. We are committed to bringing the diverse resources of our many colleges to enrich your personal and professional development at every stage. 

We offer programs for many professions including
Accountants, Attorneys, Engineers, Nurses, Pharmacists, Counselors, AP Teachers, Social Workers, and Psychologists. Learning experiences take the form of non-credit courses, certificate programs, seminars, conferences, and institutes.

We are a resource for business, industry, government, and non-profits
In cooperation with the university’s The Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and Wilkes Small Business Development Center we provide training and development resources for organizations throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Our university colleges offer a wealth of expertise in science, engineering, business, and healthcare. We combine this with the Sovereign Center’s team of consultants and trainers to offer learning experiences customized to your organization’s needs.

We will expand your horizons
with non-credit courses in the arts and culture, as well as annual Study Tours open to the public.  

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