Wilkes University


Explore the jungles of Panama March 3 to 11, 2007
Cultural anthropologist and Wilkes University Professor Jim Merryman led this tour on March 3 to 11, 2007. Everyone was able to see beyond the Panama Canal into this Central American country’s jungles, ruins and villages while they enjoyed a vibrant night life and luxury accommodations.

Everyone had a blast and experienced:
  • Sun and surf on Contadora Island
  • Rain forest eco-trek
  • Gondola ride through forest canopy 
  • Five-hour white-water rafting trip through jungle
  • Ancient Mayan ruins
  • Cultural visits to Indian villages
  • And, of course, the Panama Canal.
The cost of this trip was $1,950 for an all-inclusive package. 
For an small additional free students were able to earn three Wilkes elective credits for STE3000.
For more information about this trip and future trips please contact: james.merryman@wilkes.edu.

Below are pictures of what you can experience...