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Join Us for "From Silence to a Scream" Art in Context Lecture

From Silence to a Scream: The Visual Representation of Women’s Trauma
An Art in Context Lecture
Wednesday, March 10 | 6 p.m. on Zoom
With Heather Sincavage, MFA, Exhibition Curator
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As a rule, visual art movements mirror societal attitudes, whether it be the anxiety of war, economic strife or civil unrest. Even as artists push new ideas to the forefront, they cannot help but reflect the times.

For centuries, women were subjects to be depicted, seldom the ones to speak and be heard. Because of this, gender roles depicted in artwork were images a woman should model oneself after and the creators of such images were almost exclusively men.

Curator of Brutal Beauty and director of the Sordoni Gallery, Heather Sincavage, will discuss how art history normalized violence against women.

Tracing images through hundreds of years, society informed how we viewed and understood gender. Over time, women artists have challenged, at their own expense, the silence society conditioned for their behavior.

Artistic practice provides a structure to process trauma but not a cure for disease caused by it. Now in the era of #MeToo, women artists lead, using their practice, toward accountability, hoping to eradicate violence altogether.

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