Wilkes University

Find Volunteer Opportunities Through the Civic Engagement Office

The Civic Engagement Office has been hard at work curating service opportunities. This is an ongoing list, so please check back often!

The Google sheet has three tabs to help identify the type of service you may be looking for, including:
  • Virtual events that are a mix of local and national community partners
  • Face-to-face and group opportunities that work with our local non-profits
  • A Colonel's Share tab that lists organizations that could benefit from your donations of both money and goods. 
Please let the office know if you or your group is interested in participating in any of these events, and complete a reflection of the experience. 

You can access the list here or get permission to view.

If you have ideas about service events in your area, or if you have questions or want to register for a volunteer opportunity, please email megan.boone@wilkes.edu.

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