Wilkes University

Presenting the Taste of Wilkes 2020 Home Edition

Like most everything this year, the Taste of Wilkes Committee has decided to move forward with a new virtual format, which will include a cookbook of recipes (a physical book and PDF) and a virtual gift basket auction. 

All proceeds from this event will benefit the Wilkes United Way Campaign.  We will be sharing further information about our Taste of Wilkes: Home Edition fundraiser in the coming weeks.

The Taste of Wilkes Committee is currently calling for the members of our campus community to submit their favorite recipes to be included in the cookbook.  This year, we are asking for virtual chefs who will:

  1. Submit your favorite recipe for inclusion in our cookbook.
  2. Create a unique name for your dish.
  3. Provide a short story about why your dish is special to you.

Chefs who volunteer their recipes will receive:

  •  A FREE PDF copy of the Taste of Wilkes: Home Edition cookbook
  • Fifty percent off a physical copy of Taste of Wilkes: Home Edition cookbook
  • Two tickets for donation basket drawings
  • One entry into the Best Chef randomized drawing for a chance to win your name on the 2020 Taste of Wilkes Plaque and the first place prize!

Submit your recipe by Monday, Oct. 5, to donate your culinary talents. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email usac@wilkes.edu.

taste of wilkes graphic with wooden cooking utensils