Wilkes University

Contribute Your Memories to the Wilkes in 2020 Project

Wilkes students have been living through a semester like no other this fall. 

Students in HST 211: Introduction to Public History are collecting materials to create an archive of individual and shared experiences here at Wilkes in 2020.  The project’s purpose is to record and preserve personal experiences of Wilkes community members. These materials will be stored in the University archives in the Farley Library.

Would you be willing to contribute to this archive by answering a few questions?  If so, click on the appropriate link:

If you have any questions about the “Wilkes in 2020” project or the collection of materials for the archive, you can contact Assistant Professor Amy Sopcak-Joseph at amy.sopcakjoseph@wilkes.edu.

Thanks for considering participating in the “Wilkes in 2020” project!