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Get Your Wage Gap T-Shirt

The Wage Gap project, presented by Year of the Vote, was originally worn on Women's Equality Day by committee members. Its goal was to humanize the statistics we all read about, showing how the wage gap has impacted the people in your community. Now YOU can participate in the project by getting your own shirt! 

ORDER HERE. SALE EXTENDED! Place your order by Sunday, Nov. 1. 

The goal for this fundraiser is to restore a public remembrance of Ellen Webster Palmer, who educated Breaker Boys starting in 1891 and eventually founded the Boys Industrial Association which prepared the boys for lives outside of the mine and a better quality of life.

QUESTIONS? Please contact heather.sincavage@wilkes.edu.

About Year of the Vote | Year of the Vote: Gender, Politics and Power, is a yearlong, interdisciplinary project that celebrates the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving some women the right to vote.  

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