Wilkes University

Please Review This Important TimeTrak Reminder

Important information for TimeTrak supervisors and employees who use TimeTrak

A great deal of time is spent by the Payroll Office making corrections to the “approved” records. When TimeTrak information is incorrect, this jeopardizes our ability to pay employees correctly. It also interrupts and delays the process from moving forward while waiting to have corrections made, information verified and hours approved.

It has become necessary for the Payroll office to reinforce the following:

At the end of a pay period, employees who use TimeTrak should be reviewing their records to ensure the correct hours will be reported. If there is a discrepancy, i.e. short hours, the employee is responsible for notifying their supervisor.

Supervisors are responsible for approving requested time off (i.e. vacation) and correcting errors to ensure that accurate hours will be processed for the current pay period. Supervisors are responsible for verifying this information before signing off with their approval.

ALL TimeTrak approvals must be completed by the end of the day on Mondays as the deadline date indicates on the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule.

Please understand that going forward,the hours that are approved by the supervisor will be the hours processed for pay. Incorrect or missing punches will be adjusted and paid in the next pay.