Wilkes University

Learn How to Secure Online Tests

As faculty continue to pivot to different delivery methods this semester, even temporarily, and prepare for final exams in not too many weeks, securing online quizzes and exams can be an ongoing challenge. OTTL provides several options for securing anything from a low-stakes quiz to a high-stakes professional exam. 

Together, Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor provide a safe and secure method to enhance exam integrity. These tools lock down the student’s computer from doing anything else except running the quiz/exam in D2L and record the student’s actions using the computer’s webcam. Faculty then receive an AI analyzed report for each student indicating any potential infractions that need investigation. Everything is fully integrated right into D2L to make it all very simple to set up. For this year, there are no additional costs to students as we have plenty of licenses for anyone interested in using these tools. 

Learn more about these and other academic integrity tools and assessment in the online environment by visiting the Assessment and Academic Integrity page of the contingency website. There you will find information on how to get started with these tools, as well as many resources on this important aspect of teaching. 

Please contact ottl@wilkes.edu with any questions.