Wilkes University

Final Spring Semester Grades Available

Final NUMERIC grades for the spring 2020 semester are now available to view online via the Wilkes portal.

Students are reminded that they must invoke the S/P/W grade mode policy by going to their spring semester schedule via the portal (https://rosters.wilkes.edu/ student) and clicking on the appropriate courses in order for these grade changes to be made to their academic records.

For those who have already entered their requests and confirmed their intent to proceed with this change after consultation with their advisor, we will begin processing these grade changes shortly. Please allow a week’s time for the Registrar’s Office to process all grade changes after you have confirmed your request.

Students graduating this semester have until Friday, May 15, to submit their S/P/W request.

All other students have until Friday, May 29, to submit their S/P/W request.