Wilkes University

Remote Job Opportunities Available

Teamwork.ai is seeking applicants for two work-from-home positions:

English transcribers to collaborate on a challenging, short-term (three to six month) project. The project involves listening to English audio recordings and typing out the speech of the speaker into English text.

  • Listen to English audio files.
  • Transcribe the speech to text and tag the meaning of the text appropriately.
Search Engine Evaluators to analyze search results for relevancy and quality. You will give feedback to ensure that internet search results are accurate, appropriate and comprehensive to the searcher’s intent based on the U.S. market.

  • Rating search results to the corresponding landing pages or advertisements based on a set of guidelines. Each project has a specific group of guidelines that will be explained in detail during training. Training will involve specific examples of what you can expect to see while working to prepare you for every eventuality. Tasks to be completed require high focus, but each task can be completed within 10 seconds to one minute. 
As an evaluator, you must be comfortable navigating websites, search engines and know how to find things online in general. You are ideally up-to-date on news, current events and pop culture.

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