Wilkes University

If You Have Medical Coverage Through Wilkes, Consult with SwiftMD

Employees who have medical coverage through the university are eligible for SwiftMD telemedicine services. The services are available to all plan participants and their covered dependents. SwiftMD is available  24 hours, 7 day per week via the telephone or internet. 

Employees may receive medical care without the need to visit a primary care doctor or urgent care. No copay is required when receiving SwiftMD services. 

To assist employees in determining whether a call to SwiftMD would be appropriate regarding COVID-19, SwiftMD has put together the following information concerning services they can provide: 

SwiftMD doctors can provide consults for members who are suffering from symptoms of upper respiratory illness and are concerned they might have COVID-19. Our doctors can answer questions about COVID-19 and help a member assess their risk factors, such as whether they have traveled to a high-risk area or been exposed to anyone who has traveled to a high-risk area or has tested positive for COVID-19.

For most patients the illness will be mild and our doctors follow the Centers for Disease Control recommendation that patients with minor symptoms should isolate themselves at home to recover. There is currently no antiviral treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, but our doctors can provide supportive care to alleviate symptoms.

SwiftMD physicians cannot definitively diagnose COVID-19 via telemedicine and cannot order tests for the virus. For a definitive diagnosis of COVID-19, members will need to contact their PCP’s office to arrange for the necessary testing. If their symptoms become severe, members should seek care in person at an ER. If an employee does get a COVID-19 diagnosis, their PCP or specialist physicians should manage their ongoing care and recovery.

Complete information about SwiftMD is available at www.swiftmd.com. The contact number for SwiftMD is 1-877-999-7943The Group Passcode is WILKES16