Wilkes University

Join Us for a Wednesday Webinar on Relational Resiliency

On this week's Wilkes Wednesday Webinar, hosted by the Alumni Office, we welcome Wilkes alumna, Dr. Christine E. Kiesinger '88. Christine will explore how stress manifests itself in close relationships and the tools and strategies for cultivating relational resiliency. This event is free and open to the entire Wilkes community.

Our close relationships are always important but critically important during crisis. Unfortunately, due to the pace, stress and overwhelm of daily life, we often forget to give our relationships the attention they need to thrive. As such, when things fall apart, the stress we feel as individuals can spill over into our close relationships. When unmanaged, stress can compromise or even damage the relationships about which we care most.

The content shared in this webinar is applicable to all close relationships including marital/long-term committed relationships, parent-child relationships, friendships, relationships between colleagues and relationships between leaders and their teams.

Join us at 1 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, June 10, via Zoom. REGISTER HERE.