Wilkes University

Student Government Leadership Shares Statement

Dear Members of the Colonel Family and Community,

We write to you today to express our shared anguish brought about by the recent events that have been affecting our country. We are living through a pivotal time in our society as we move closer to change and justice. Student Government will always be “by the students, for the students” and stand in solidarity with all races, creeds, religions, and those of the LGBTQ+ community. We will persist in our rise against racial injustice of any degree whilst celebrating our diversity. We vow to educate ourselves and those around us to make our campus community a stronger and safer place for all. 

This is our call to action. We will continue to listen and observe what is happening in our society. We pledge to continue our commitment to these values after it fades from social media and the news. We ask you to take part in our push to educate and inform by attending upcoming fall events concerning racial inequality throughout campus. Through these events, we will strengthen our community and encourage that which is fair and just.

To put our words into action, we will participate in town hall meetings and other events organized by our friends in the Multicultural Student Coalition, host speakers, and coordinate events to highlight the various heritages found throughout our community. We hope to have a positive impact on all students facing discrimination and will strive for all Colonels to have a sense of inclusivity and belonging. With this initiative, we plan to spread understanding and compassion throughout our student body and the Wilkes community. 

As a culturally diverse campus, we have many things that define us as individuals, but the opportunity to celebrate and learn from our differences as a family of Colonels binds us together stronger. The Wilkes mentality embodies empathy, unity and strength to stand up against injustices. We are proud that a Colonel helped to organize a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. We are proud that the Colonels of the Multicultural Student Coalition took the first steps to make our campus a better place by hosting a virtual town hall. Student Government hopes to make the student body proud, along with our fellow Colonels and the local community, to create change to benefit our country and citizens. Together we stand as students, as individuals, as a family to achieve our common goal: unity and equality for all.

Remember BE COLONEL,

The members of the Student Government Executive Board 

Kevin Long - Student Body President
Brooke Mazzotta - Vice President
Nataliya Scarantino - Corresponding Secretary
Lauren Harner - Recording Secretary
Ben Wojciechowski - Treasurer
Bobby Wagner - Parliamentarian
Nathan Pitcher - Sergeant at Arms
Bryanna Polascik- Commuter Council President
Matthew Franchetti - Residence Hall Council President
Deandre Depass - Programming Board President
Brianna Rowland - Multicultural Student Coalition President