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UPDATE: OTTL Faculty Workshop Scheduled for July 16

Strategies for Effective and Engaging Synchronous Classes | Go beyond a live lecture! Your students can be active participants in engaging synchronous class sessions.

This workshop will review and utilize the tools and techniques you can use in Virtual Classroom to ensure your students aren’t wandering away during valuable live sessions. What can you do in a synchronous session? Here are some ideas we’ll cover:

  • Live learning: lectures, exam review, student consults/advising, guest presenters

  • Collaboration: discussion, group work, role-play/simulation

  • Engage and assess: polls, emojis, chat, student presentations

We’ll demonstrate the polling, breakout rooms, whiteboard, chat and screen-sharing tools so you get hands-on experience from a student perspective.

Join us at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 16,
using this updated link: https://ysu-na.youseeu.com/ sync-activity/invite/879771/ 31f531b1d1714a868875dc4e615cc4 e6?lti-scope=d2l-resource- syncmeeting-list.

Also remember…

You can find all of the info about OTTL workshops and past recordings on the Online Teaching Contingency website at https://sites.google.com/ wilkes.edu/ottl-contingency- planning/trainings-workshops Don't forget to check out all the other great resources to help you develop your online courses while you are there!

D2L Brightspace Subscription Training | Take your knowledge of D2L/LIVE to the next level with this tiered, modular training to support your continued technical development with LIVE. Learn at your own pace with on-demand or facilitated courses and specific tool walk-throughs. Create your own training path to acquire skills to save time with grading, re-use lessons, accept electronic submissions, quiz your students securely, track students’ progress, and much more.

Join the Brightspace Community by following the link and instructions you received from them on May 28 or visit Community.brightspace.com to create your account. Once your account is created, log in and access Subscription Training by clicking on the Learning Center link from the menu bar along the top then click on the blue Subscription Training box on the right. Once inside, we suggest you watch the Tips for Getting Started video (link under the main heading in the blue box) or click on Learning Environment for Higher Ed (from the list on the right side) and then dive into any topic of interest.