Wilkes University


Campus to Switch to Zoom for Video Conferencing

Starting in January 2020, Wilkes will discontinue use of WebEx for campus video conferencing. This software is being replaced with Zoom, which was chosen after a comparison of similar products. The switch allows for increased functionality and significant overall cost savings. Many of you have already been using the free version of Zoom, but the University will now be providing a limited number of Pro lines which allow for duration and participant limits that are large enough for almost any business need.

These lines will be distributed and maintained by the ITS department with Yvonne Borton (ext. 4438) acting as the main point of contact. Many departments who were existing WebEx users have already been contacted to make arrangements for Zoom lines, but if you feel your department or group has a need to make regular use of one of these lines and has not been contacted, please reach out to Yvonne to discuss this request. Lines can also be provided on an as-needed basis for single meetings or short-term use.

For technical assistance with Zoom, users can also contact the Wilkes Help Desk (ext. 4357). All users will need to sign up for a free Zoom account on their website (http://zoom.us) and download the Zoom client before participating in their first meeting. The client can be downloaded under the “Resources” menu on the right above the “Sign Up” button. A link to video tutorials is also available under this menu. Users who will then use one of the Pro lines will be assigned a line to their account by Yvonne. Please email Yvonne (yvonne.borton@wilkes.edu) once your account is created to complete this final step.