Wilkes University


Chemistry Club to Sell Lab Notebooks

The Chemistry Club will be selling Vela lab notebooks for students in CHM 111 (Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab), CHM 234 (Organic II Lab) and CHM 237 (Essentials of Organic Chemistry Lab) at $15 each. Additionally, carbon copy lab notebooks for students in CHM 113 (General Chemistry I Lab), CHM 114 (General Chemistry II Lab) and CHM 118 (Engineering Chemistry Lab) will be available for $15 each. 

The club accepts credit card, debit card and cash payments. 

Sales take place during club hours in the Henry Student Center on Tuesday, Jan. 14, and Thursday, Jan. 16. Sales will be in CSC 301 during club hours on Tuesday, Jan. 21. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact michael.pettit@ wilkes.edu.