Wilkes University

Please Review the University's Policy and Procedures on Minors on Campus

Wilkes University offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for minors to participate in programs on campus with a mutual benefit for both the participants and those providing the programs. It is, however, extremely important that those from the University who provide these programs, activities, camps, clinics and events (collectively programs) provide safe and protective environments for participating minors.  In Pennsylvania, minors are considered all individuals under the age of 18. (Matriculating students under the age of 18 are considered adults under PA law.)

In October 2014, the President’s Cabinet adopted the Minors on Campus Policy regarding all existing and future programs. Information on this policy and procedures is available at:  http://www.wilkes.edu/minor.

As stated in the policy, all Wilkes University employees, students, independent contractors and volunteers (collectively "Mandated Reporters") have a personal responsibility to report any instances of known or suspected abuse, molestation or neglect relating to children.  If a minor is found to be in imminent danger, the discoverer must:

1.        Make all reasonable efforts to remove the minor from dangerous or potentially dangerous situations, irrespective of any other limitation or requirement;
2.        Contact the local police at 911 to obtain immediate protection for the child; and
3.        Contact the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's ChildLine (800-932-0313)

In order to assist us in hosting safe and successful programs, the following steps should be taken:

1.       Units that are sponsoring programs or activities involving minors must first register their program by submitting a completed Program/Activity Registration Form to the Office of Risk & Compliance.

After a review of the program specifics, additional information may need to be provided, including a list of program staff and signed program staff code of conduct forms, online training, and background check requirements. You may be asked to provide additional information on third parties hosting events on campus, contracts and insurance.

2.       Once the program specifics have been established, the program sponsor can work with the events staff, athletics department, or other University staff on campus to secure a location.

3.       Units may use the waiver forms available online, or contact Risk and Compliance for additional assistance with registration forms, waivers, medical forms, etc. being used by the program.

The earlier a program is registered, more time Units will have to develop a safe and protective program.  As an example, it can sometimes take several weeks to conduct the fingerprint background clearances.

If you have any questions or comments regarding your event, please contact me at (570) 408-4554 or Justin.kraynack@wilkes.edu.   Thank you very much for helping to ensure the continued safety of our programs on campus!