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What Will Campus Spirit Look and Sound Like on Giving Day?

giving day postcard featuring a crowd of students on the steps outside Weckesser Hall


The sights and sounds of Giving Day:

  • The Bell Tower will toll three times on the 20 minutes past every hour, starting at 8:20 a.m. and ending at 7:20 p.m.

  • Smiling faculty, staff and student faces as they pose with the Giving Day photo frame all day in the Henry Student Center Lounge.

  • Colored sprinkles atop the complimentary hot chocolate provided by the Alumni Office as a thank you gift for “Joining the Effort” in the Henry Student Center.

  • Live stories from our colleagues and students through live feeds on multiple social media channels. Check out the broadcast schedule.

  • Blue and gold! Everyone wearing our school colors as a display of Colonel Pride for all to see – especially since Dr. Cant will be visiting areas across campus! Wear yours!

  • The melody of “It Takes Two” as it’s played by WCLH radio and pre-recorded by Wilkes University Musical Theatre.

  • “I Joined the Effort” Giving Day stickers worn proudly by loyal Colonels who participated in Giving Day in any way. Wearing one may get you a prize!

  • Sounds of cheer as the areas you love most about Wilkes rise higher on the leaderboard for challenge funds! Who’s going to win?

Living our theme “It Takes Two, Wilkes & You”


Join the Effort at wilkes.edu/givingday.
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