Wilkes University

Enter a Contest to Name the New High Performance Computer Cluster

We want your help naming our new high performance computer cluster! We are looking for names for the cluster itself, as well a name theme for the individual nodes/virtual machines that will run on the cluster. Although we can't guarantee we will pick one of the submitted names, if we do, you will get an Amazon gift card as a prize! 

How to choose a name:
We want a name that is cool and edgy, but also captures the mission of the cluster: to enable state of the art research, teaching and outreach at Wilkes University. Names or acronyms that are particularly clever, funny or relevant to the mission are what we're after! For the node names, they should follow a theme (i.e. letters of the Greek alphabet, members of the Jedi council, Roman gods, etc.). In other words, the node/VM names should be a collection that follows a theme.

Review the rules below and ENTER HERE

One entry per student/faculty/staff person. Contest closes Friday, Feb. 28. Prizes are $50 Amazon gift card for the cluster name and $25 Amazon gift card for the node name theme. The winner will be announced by Monday, March 9.  

The committee reserves the sole authority of picking the final names and if a suitable name cannot be found from the entries, the committee will select names by some other means.

About the cluster:
The new high performance computer cluster was funded by a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation and represents the most powerful research computing resource in the area. This machine will enable both students and faculty to perform simulations and analyses that were previously impossible at Wilkes. This computer will be used for a number of projects including designing new pharmaceuticals, analyzing bacterial genomes, predicting landslides, probing protein dynamics, detecting cancer and much more!