Wilkes University

Seeing Red Flags?

Research indicates that 36% of college students have experienced some form of violent and abusive dating behaviors including physical, sexual, tech, verbal or controlling abuse.

Wilkes will continue to participate in our third annual Red Flag Campaign this April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  This year’s virtual campaign is a public awareness effort aimed at stopping intimate partner violence.  

The Red Flag Campaign, will help you recognize red flags that might be present in a relationship in which dating violence is happening.  The purpose of this campaign is to encourage our community members to speak up when they see red flags in the relationships of friends, colleagues, or students. 

You can participate by following @wilkesu on Instagram, tagging #WilkesWearsRed on your own social media accounts, by wearing red or by letting us know who you wear red for! 

For more information on what constitutes dating violence, how to help or how to get help for a friend, visit www.wilkes.edu/wearred or contact samantha.hart@wilkes.edu.  

photo of female student holding red flag with stalking message written on it