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Blood Donors Needed

blood drive graphic

As COVID-19 containment efforts continue nationwide, please note that American Red Cross blood drives are essential and directly support other emergency services remaining open to sustain our fight against coronavirus and those most vulnerable to it, patients with chronic illness or disease.

The American Red Cross needs to collect every unit we can. Over 6,000 blood drives and 200,000 donations have been canceled in recent days. 

We understand public health concerns, but want to stress that donating blood is a safe process and Red Cross blood drives have the highest safety standards. Here are just a few of our vigilant measures:

  • Using sterile collection sets
  • Spacing beds six feet apart where possible
  • Having hand sanitizer available
  • Using aseptic scrubs on arms
  • Doing donor and staff temperature checks before entering drives
  • Wiping down donor-touched areas
While public health officials work to limit the spread of COVID 19, we're asking for your help with another potential public health issue: a severe shortage of blood for patients. Healthy donors are urged to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE

Thank you. What makes us vulnerable is also our greatest strength – our humanity.