Wilkes University


Assistant Professor Hong Seeks Students for Research Opportunity

Research project title: Medical Microbiology Teaching in the Pharm.D. Curriculum

Faculty: Ka Lok Hong, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Brief research narrative: The teaching of medical microbiology is essential in the overall pharmacy education. This establishes the foundational knowledge for upper-level courses in infectious diseases. However, the placement of medical microbiology course in the pharmacy curriculum is highly variable among 143 pharmacy schools in the U.S. The goal in the study is to summarize available information on the manner and degree to which medical microbiology is included in the U.S. Pharm.D. curricula.

Number of Students: Up to 5 students

Time commitment: 2-3 hours per week of data collection on the internet.

Duration: Fall 2019 to Early Spring 2020

Please email Dr. Hong at kalok.hong@wilkes.edu.