Wilkes University


Join the Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications and Technology (PAECT) has been collaborating with a number of higher education institutions in Pennsylvania to establish PAECT student chapters. We welcome Wilkes students in School of Education or any college/school who are passionate about technology and education to join the PACET Wilkes chapter.

Benefits of becoming a PAECT member include FREE student membership and many valuable PAECT events, including EduMagic Book Club, discounted conference registration, unlimited workshops and resources, as well as any events proposed by the Wilkes chapter. 

For undergraduate students:

  • For full-time students only
  • Free student membership 
  • Unlimited subscription period

For graduate students:

  • Free membership
  • One-year subscription period
  • No automatically recurring payment

For students interested in joining the PAECT Wilkes student chapter, the following positions are available:

  • Student Director, who serves as the leader of the student chapter board and voice for the chapter;
  • Student Treasurer, who tracks and reports on chapter finances to PAECT Treasurer.
  • Undergraduate student chapter members will be converted at no cost to a free PAECT Premium membership status.

Contact Associate Professor Jin Joy Mao at jinjoy.mao@wilkes.edu or 570-408-7387 for for any additional information.