Wilkes University


The Caught Being Colonel Card Has a New Look

new caught being colonel card

Our Caught being Colonel card has a new look!

As part of the Staff Recognition program, USAC has provided supervisors with Caught Being Colonel Cards to hand to their direct reports as a simple gesture of appreciation for their efforts. The cards are good for a one-time use for a meal at Henry’s; a meal equivalency at Grille Works, WhichWich or P.O.D.; or a purchase at Starbucks (up to $5). 

So go ahead and show your appreciation when you catch a Colonel:

  • Volunteering for new projects;
  • Developing new initiatives;
  • Looking for new ways to improve processes;
  • Helping students;
  • Helping colleagues;
  • Resolving issues;
  • Providing support for others; or
  • Just doing a great job.

Supervisors, you may still use the former card version if you have those available. Need to replenish your Colonel Cards? Please contact Kristin Pitarra at 408-2034.