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Congratulations to our Quarterly Colonel Award Recipients

It's a special third quarter, indeed!

jess haczewski and paul adamslee plank, paul adams, ron karaffa

On behalf of the University Staff Advisory Committee, congratulations to Jessica Haczewski, Admissions Event Coordinator, Lee Plank, Manager, Facilities and Ron Karaffa, Manager, Mechanical and Preventive Maintenance, the current recipients of the Quarterly Colonel Award.

The Quarterly Colonel Award program is designed to recognize staff who exceedingly contribute to the University/departmental initiatives or special projects that significantly impact:

  • Student-centered improvements
  • Customer service
  • Innovation
  • Productivity/efficiency
  • Expense reduction
  • Cost savings

Recognize a Colonel colleague and reward their hard work and dedication to Wilkes University. Learn more and submit your nominations online by Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019.

Questions? Please email kristin.pitarra@wilkes.edu or mildred.urban@wilkes.edu.