Wilkes University


Budget Address Remarks Now Available on the Portal

Dr. Adams provided the campus with an update on Wilkes’ financial outlook on Tuesday, Oct. 29.  In the address, he discussed the challenges that our budget presents, the reasons why we are facing these challenges and what we are going to do to address them. 

To ensure that everyone has access to this information, we have made a copy of the remarks available on the portal.  Simply log on to the portal (
https://portal.wilkes.edu/), locate the “Employee” tab and click the “Employee Resources” option. The remarks can be viewed in the upper-left corner of the page that opens.  

If you have any questions regarding the information that was presented or thoughts about the budget preparation process, you are encouraged to send them to Dr. Don Mencer, chair of the Faculty Affairs Council, or to Ms. Jeanne Rabel, chair of the University Staff Advisory Council. We will then consolidate all questions and share the answers with all of you.