Wilkes University


Campus Energy Conservation Is a Year-Round Goal

As we move into the spring season with its warmer day-time temperatures and cooler nights, the campus community is asked to remember that conserving energy is a year-round goal at Wilkes.

Reducing energy use helps our environment by conserving resources and reducing our carbon footprint. Buildings account for 39 percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States. The University tries to implement the most energy-efficient practices in its physical plant, but here are some things that faculty, staff and students can do to contribute to reduce energy use. In addition to helping the environment, these practices have the added benefit of reducing costs.

Here are some ideas of things that everyone can do to help shed usage:

  • Shut off the lights when leaving a classroom, your office or residence hall room. This includes during lunch breaks.
  • Now that we are having more sunny, bright days, consider curtailing electric lighting and use natural light during the day.
  • Close windows so that incoming cold air doesn’t have our heating systems running overtime. This is especially important in spring when warmer daytime temperatures may have us cracking windows for some fresh air. Remember to close them as temperatures drop in the evening or when you leave a room. Please remember this applies to classrooms, residence halls and windows in public areas, such as the lounges in campus buildings such as the Cohen Science Center.
  • Remember to shut off space heaters in offices. Leaving them running unattended not only wastes energy, but may pose safety problems.
  • Power down computers when you leave for the day.

Taking a few simple steps can make a difference for the earth and for Wilkes.