Wilkes University


Congratulations to Our Milestone Employees

Please join us in congratulating the following employees celebrating milestone years of service this summer:


10 Years
Janet Kobylski, Finance Office
Guy Rothery, Athletics

15 Years
Brian Bogert, Institutional Research

20 Years
Barbara Lastovica, Passan School of Nursing


10 Years
Anne Thomas, Education
Jason Wagner, Technology for Teaching and Learning

15 Years
Kimberly Hearst, Passan School of Nursing

30 Years
Carol Bosack Kosek, Career Services


10 Years
Karen Alessi, Sidhu School of Business
Ajay Bommareddy, Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

15 Years
Mischelle Anthony, English
Amy Bradley, Chemistry
Diane Duda, Registrar’s Office
Silvia Elias, Biology
Suzanne Galella, Education
Kyle Kreider, Political Science
Jennifer Malinowski, Nesbitt School of Pharmacy
Philip Marino, Facilities
Julie Olenak, Nesbitt School of Pharmacy
Martha Parise, Farley Library
Renee Sipple, Education
Hernando Trujillo, Chemistry
Joyce Victor, Passan School of Nursing

20 Years
Kristin Degnan Boonin, Performing Arts
John Hepp, Global Cultures
Edward Schicatano, Psychology
Mark Stine, Communication Studies
Steven Thomas, Performing Arts

25 Years
Joseph Dawson, Performing Arts
John Harrison, Math and Computer Science
Deborah Zbegner, Passan School of Nursing

30 Years
Adelene Malatesta, Athletics
Diane O’Brien, Health and Wellness Services
Linda Paul, Global Cultures
Robert Seeley, Economics
Maryellen Sloat, Performing Arts
Michael Steele, Biology
Robert Tuttle, Sociology/Anthropology

35 Years
Michael Garr, Sociology/Anthropology