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Share Your Feedback on Our Staff Recognition Program

In an effort to ensure that current staff recognition programs are meaningful to our employees, the committee is evaluating the current "Caught Being Colonel Recognition Program." We are asking all staff members to please provide us with your candid feedback via this confidential survey. We appreciate your support of this important work.

There are two surveys for staff members: one for supervisors and one for employees with no direct reports. Please fill out the survey that is appropriate for your position: 

More about our staff recognition program:
Supervisors have been provided with Colonel Credits, which are a one-time use card good for a meal at Henry’s, a meal equivalency (up to $5) at Grille Works, Which Wich or P.O.D., or a purchase at Starbucks. Supervisors can reward employees who who are “Caught Being Colonel” with the Colonel Credits (good for 90 days). In addition, Aramark will return all redeemed Colonel Credits to USAC so employees can be entered into a monthly prize drawing. The purpose of this program is to increase employee morale and say thank you for a job well done. Please see a full description of the program by visiting: https://wilkes.edu/about- wilkes/university-committees/ university-staff-advisory- committee/staff-recognition/ caught-being-colonel.aspx.