Wilkes University


August USAC Meeting Minutes Now Available

University Staff Advisory Committee Minutes August 1st, 2019 | 9:00 a.m. | Miller Room 

In attendance: Mildred Uban, Jeanne Rabel, Jason Wagner, Julia Panzitta, Georgia Costalas, Ian Schreffler, Connie Dombroski, Theresa Cochran, Kristina Powers, Angela Greco, Joe Housenick 

I. Call to Order & Welcome - Jeanne 

II. Treasurer Update - Erica 

A. Current Balance- $ 944.88 

III. Discussion Items - Jeanne 

A. Convocation & Staff Retreat--Wednesday, August 21st (around 11am) 

1. Dr. Mia Bartoletti - Wellness in the Workplace (communication, healthy work 

environment, effective teamwork, empathy & understanding) 2. Refreshments - beverages (infused water from catering) 3. DDD 202 - use signs to direct 

B. USAC Meet & Greet Event 

1. End of September--Wednesday, September 25 2. Time: Approx. 8:15-10 3. Advertising/Posters/Literature - Angela volunteered 4. Individualized invites to new hires - Joe will gather list 5. Refreshments: catering or grocery store bakery (discuss at next meeting) 

C. Family Picnic - Mildred 

1. Friday, August 16, 12pm 2. SHINE School Supply Drive - facilities support needed to transport donations to 

office 3. USAC committee members needed to help dress table around 9am 4. Today@Wilkes message from USAC asking for support for school supply drive 

D. Staff Survey 

1. Planning meeting 2. Subcommittee: Jeanne, Georgia, Julia 

E. Sub-committees/USAC initiatives 

1. Assign new members to each of our initiatives 

a) Staff Mentoring b) United Way c) Staff Recognition 

d) Employee Discount Program 2. Revisit existing member assignments 

IV. Updates from Campus Partners 

A. Wellness Committee - Connie/Ian 

1. First meeting today 

V. Updates on USAC Initiatives 

A. Newsletter - Connie 

1. Under construction 2. USAC committee will be able to review before it is finalized 

B. Mentoring Program - Kristina/HR 

VI. Updates from Members (Time Permitting) 

A. Admissions - Ian Schreffler B. College of Science & Engineering - Connie Dombroski C. Diversity - Erica 

Acosta/Georgia Costalas D. E-Learning - Angela Greco/Jason Wagner E. Facilities - Theresa Cochran F. Institutional Research - Julia 


G. Human Resources - Joe 

Housenick H. Nursing - Cathy Hauze I. Sidhu School - Karen Alessi J. Special Events - Mildred Urban K. University College - Jeanne 

Rabel L. Pharmacy - Kristina Powers 

M. Public Safety - Chris Jagoe

Next Meeting: September 5th, 2019 @ 9 a.m. - Miller Room