Wilkes University


Recognizing Our Communications Officers during National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week is April 14-20, 2019.

Our hardworking public safety dispatchers serve as a vital link between our community and fire, medical and law enforcement.  The Department of Public Safety would like to proudly recognize our Communications Officers who answer the calls for service every hour of the day:

  • Communications Officer Lori Bubblo
  • Communications Officer Patrick Coyne
  • Communications Officer Mark Dickson
  • Communications Officer Michelle Donohue
  • Communications Officer Erik Duda
  • Communications Officer Jill Lewis
  • Communications Officer Zack Patterson

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, formally recognized by the US Congress in 1991, serves as a reminder to all at Wilkes University that the first step in receiving help is the initial call to Public Safety and the voice of a Communications Officer.

These are the men and women who collect the initial information to pass along to officers in the field. Often they are able to give immediate lifesaving directions to the caller during medical emergencies or can be the calming voice to reassure the victim of a crime that help is on the way. The service of a telecommunications operator extends well beyond taking calls from citizens as they are the lifeline to the officers on patrol. 

The Communications Officer is the two-way lifeline link taking calls for service. Whether the call comes by phone from the public or over a radio, Communication Officers are one of the most important and often under-recognized components of public safety.

Many thanks to all our Communications Officers for the work they do.