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Sordoni Art Gallery Hosts Final Art in Context Lecture of the Year

Join us for our final Art in Context lecture of the year at the Sordoni Art Gallery at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 16.  

Akira Shimizu, Assistant Professor of Global Cultures, will present his lecture, "Visualizing Delicacies, Eating Edo: Social History of Early Modern Foodways in Japanese Woodblock Prints." 

Food was one of the Edoites favorite features in woodblock prints in the early-modern Japanese. Describing the “floating world,” this form's visual, artistic representation not only reproduces fantasy of munching delicacies,  but reflects the reality of commoners’ appetite.

This presentation discovers the intersection of these two elements of daily lives of food and foldaways in the political capital, Edo (today’s Tokyo).

art in context lecture poster