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Print Shop Updates

Business Operations would like to share some updates and clarifications about the services offered in the University Print Shop. Along with general printing, copying and finishing services, the University Print Shop supplies all Canon toner for department copiers and is able to provide many specialty items. Please contact Carrie Marko, print shop manager, at printic@wilkes.edu or ext. 4248 with any specialty requests or questions regarding services.

Toner: All department Canon copier toner should be ordered through the Print Shop. Please provide a complete FOAP (budget number that includes a Fund, Org, Account and Program) when submitting your request. Toner will not be released until a complete FOAP is provided.

Canon Toner




GPR 22



GPR 30


All Colors

GPR 39



GPR 42



GPR 43



GPR 48



GPR 51



GPR 51



GPR 53



GPR 53



GPR 55



GPR 55



GPR 57




Wilkes Printed Materials: The Print Shop is happy to provide University letterhead and envelopes, along with other types of specialty items. These items are available at a small cost to the department. Again, please provide a complete FOAP when submitting a request for these items.

Wilkes Printed Materials





#10 Regular

$34.00/Box of 500, or $0.068/each


#10 Window

$34.60/Box of 500, or $0.0692/each


9 x 12 Envelopes

$12.00/Box of 100, or $0.12/each


10 x 13 Envelopes

$13.60/Box of 100, or $0.136/each


65lb Certificate Paper





$62.90/Box of 100, or $0.629/each


Carbonless Paper 2-part (w,y)

$146.00/Case (2,500 sets), or $0.0584/set

Carbonless Paper 3-part (w,y,p)

$150.00/Case (1,670 sets), or $0.0898/set

1 Folders are available in limited quantities. Please contact the Print Shop before submitting request to ensure availability.

Note: Prices are subject to change