Wilkes University


Eat Pizza. Save Democracy.

You're invited to Draw the Lines, Pennsylvania’s first statewide redistricting competition, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 19, in the Henry Student Center Ballroom. 

Did you ever stop to think about how the boundaries are drawn for the districts from which we elect our representatives? And how those boundaries are manipulated? That’s what gerrymandering is — the process by which political boundaries are drawn to give one party or another a numeric advantage over the opposing party. Earlier this year the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruled that our congressional map is unconstitutional and the map will be redrawn in 2021.

Pennsylvanians have a unique opportunity to put the redistricting process in the hands of the people and end gerrymandering. Working together, citizens can learn how they can make a difference by creating a process that produces better maps and a renewed sense of civic engagement among Pennsylvanians.

Join us for a fun evening of games, prizes and pizza!

draw the lines flyer