Wilkes University


Update on IRB Human Subjects Research Training

While the Wilkes University Institutional Review Board finalizes a permanent replacement to the recently discontinued NIH Protecting Human Research Participants training program, we will temporarily accept any of the following as satisfying the human subjects research training requirement that is necessary to complete before submitting an IRB application.

1. We will accept NIH PRHP certificates that have been issued in the last five years (instead of the previous requirement that certificates be issued within the past three years).

2. We will accept the new PHRP training certificate (available here: https://phrptraining.com /#!/), which requires a $39.99 fee for each certificate.

3. We will accept the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training certificate endorsed by NIH’s Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research (available here: https://www.sbm.org/trai ning/good-clinical-practice- for-social-and-behavioral- research-elearning-course), which is free to complete.

Please email IRB@wilkes.edu with any questions.