Wilkes University


Diversity Week Presentation "I Hear What Your Hair Is Saying" Cancelled Due to Weather

The following Diversity Week session scheduled for 5 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15, has been cancelled due to inclement weather:

I Hear What Your Hair is Saying: The Non-Verbal's of Hair by Dr. Estwick and Dr. Morrison                 
Multicultural education and intercultural communication course content often includes the basics about cultural differences in communication.  But hairstyles and hair care issues—those subtleties that say so much and are interpreted so differently depending on group membershipare rarely discussed in the educational setting. The co-presenters will discuss black, white, and international practices and perspectives on hair. Participants will be invited to share their reactions to images of various hairstylessuch as corn-rows, locks, mohawks, perms, braids, weaves, highlights, and extensionsand join in the discussion about what hairstyles communicate to others.