Wilkes University


Get Reimbursed via Direct Deposit

Getting reimbursed for work expenses is now a whole lot easier for employees already enrolled in payroll direct deposit. Starting today, you can have funds deposited directly into your primary bank account on file with the University.

Just fill out the attached Direct Deposit Authorization Form and return it to accounts payable. Next time you need to be reimbursed for expenses related to University business, complete the appropriate check request or travel reimbursement form, attach any necessary receipts, and return the signed form to accounts payable. In a week or less, your reimbursement will be deposited directly to your bank account.

If you’re not enrolled in payroll direct deposit, you’ll need to enroll to take advantage of this quick and easy expense reimbursement process. You can find the Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form under Payroll Forms on the Employee Resources page of the Wilkes portal.

With direct deposit reimbursement, you won’t need to pick up a check, wait for it to arrive via snail mail or worry about lost checks.

Please contact Joann Tomko at ext. 4662 or joann.tomko@wilkes.edu with any questions.