Wilkes University


Help IRB Select an Online Application System

Wilkes University IRB is looking to transition to an online application system. We would like to get input from various constituents on campus, including faculty and staff researchers and mentors, student researchers and IRB reviewers.  

We have narrowed down the options to two software tools: IRB Manager and IRB Mentor.  We would appreciate you taking the time to listen to the presentations for these two systems and provide feedback:

  • IRB Manager: Feb. 20 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Farley 002
  • IRB Mentor: Feb. 27 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Farley 002

For Researchers (including student researchers), we want to make the process of preparing, submitting and revising applications quicker and easier so you can spend less time doing this and more time doing your research. We are looking for an online system that is intuitive to use, allows the researcher to follow the progress of the application, and keeps track of old applications and approvals, as well as ethics training certificates.

For Faculty Advisors, we want to make it easier for advisors to oversee and approve student submissions.  We are looking for a system that will allow mentors to view and make comments on the applications and give final approval before the application is submitted to the IRB. Ideally, the system will be easy to use and easy to explain to new researchers.  

We will be asking all participants in this process to fill out an evaluation form for each of the two options so that everyone can have a voice in the decision and we can better determine the needs of all users. If planning to attend, please email IRB Co-Chair Dr. Chris Zarpentine at christoph.zarpentine@wilkes .edu.