Wilkes University


Walk to the Moon for the 2019 Exercise Challenge

Achieve your New Year's Resolution This Year!

Compete with Wilkes and participate in the Walk to the Moon challenge. The University Staff Advisory Committee has teamed up with the new Wellness Committee and partnered with King’s College and Misericordia University for a 16-week challenge. This year, we are also welcoming the University of Scranton and Luzerne County Community College to the challenge.

Workouts are logged each week and you can log your workouts by either miles, minutes or steps. All minutes and miles will be converted into steps and you can do this as either an individual, with a partner, or as a team. This is a great way to motivate people to exercise, but we will all need to work as a team to achieve our goal. The first workout would take place the week of Jan. 1, and continue for a total of four months. We would love to have everyone get involved and participate in some friendly competition with some of the colleges/universities in our area.

Ready to get started? It’s so easy. Just sign up online!

Questions? Contact usac@wilkes.edu.


When can I start my workouts?  Anytime starting Jan 1.

How many weeks is the challenge?  The challenge will be 16 weeks.

Can I combine to log miles, steps and minutes?  Yes, if you do multiple workouts you can add your miles, steps and minutes.  Do not duplicate entries for the same exercise. For example, running a mile should only be logged as miles or minutes, not both.  If you run a mile and lift weights for an hour, you can enter your miles AND time.

How can I keep track of my steps?  You can use a Fitbit or other tracking device.  There are free apps for your phone that will keep track of steps as well as miles or minutes. S Health for Android is one example.

Can I log my strength training too?  Yes.  You can log all of your workouts including cardiovascular, strength training and fitness classes by the amount of time it takes for you to complete the activity.

What if I do not even know how to start an exercise program?  Contact Mark DiPippa at mdipippa@misericordia.edu for ideas about workouts and information about local workout facilities you can join. 

Why is the Wellness Committee offering this challenge?  The Wellness Committee aims to promote and provide wellness-related programs and activities for employees while exploring potential opportunities to maximize shared resources and expertise.  The bottom line is we want to help you improve your health!

Are there any fees to participate?  No, at this time the challenge is free. 

How do I register? You can register online. It's easy! 

How do I log my workouts?  Once you are registered, go to the same link. The link will bypass the registration area and send you right to your workout log. You can log workouts only one time per day, so if you do multiple workouts wait until you have completed all of your workouts for the day and then enter the total for the day. Note: Once you submit your workout for the day, you will not be able to log additional time that day.