Wilkes University


Check Out the Colonel Connector

The Department of Public Safety is excited to announce an expansion to our safety escort service to get you around the area safer and faster.

colonel connector banner

The Colonel Connector can be reached during operating hours by using the Wilkes Shield public safety app. Simply tap the “Services” icon on the app and you’ll see the icon to “Request a Safe Transport." This will connect you to the DPS Communications Center. Please let the dispatcher know where you’d like the Colonel Connector to meet you and your destination in the service area.  

Policy and Procedure

  • Users must present their Wilkes ID when boarding. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Each Wilkes campus member is permitted two guests who may ride with them from start to finish.
  • All guests are required to present ID when boarding.
  • Public Safety reserves the right to refuse service to individuals who are deemed disruptive by the driver.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted in the van.

For more information about safety on and around campus, please visit: www.wilkes.edu/safety.


What is the Colonel Connector? 

The Colonel Connector provides campus members with pick-up and drop-off safety escorts to a wider area around campus. It is NOT intended to replace the current shuttle services offered.

What are the hours of operation?
The Colonel Connector operates from 5 to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Can I call during a break or when the weather is bad?
The Colonel Connector will not operate out of session or on breaks and is subject to weather-related cancellations (such as snow or severe ice on the roads).

How will I know the Colonel Connector arrived?
The Colonel Connector is a clearly marked Wilkes University van with flashing yellow light. The driver will have clearly marked Public Safety clothing and a DPS radio.

How do I request a ride on the Colonel Connector?
Use the Wilkes Shield public safety app (free download on Google Play and App Store) to request a safe transport to and from anywhere within the Colonel Connector’s boundary.

map of the colonel connector coverage area