Wilkes University


Watch for Email Scams

Several members of the Wilkes community have been the target of email scams over the summer. Please DON'T EVER give your username or password out in an email. No one from ITS or any other department on campus will ever ask for this information via email. Remember that ITS will only email you from its@wilkes.edu.

There are still three active email scams on campus:

  1. Phishing email – This email tells you that ITS will shut down your account if you don’t reply immediately with your username, password and other information. This email does not come from our account.  Again, we would never ask for this information via email.
  2. Career Service Scam – This email tells students they have been selected for a position as a Personal Assistant and attempts to get students to give them information like their social security number. Students/alumni registered with Career Services would utilize their collegecentral.com/wilkesu account and any job announcement emails would come to the students/alum from their careers@wilkes.edu email.
  3. Staff Scam – This urgent email pretends to be from a staff supervisor and tells you that your manager is busy in a meeting and then attempts to get you to either wire money or purchase items like gift cards and quickly send them to another address.

With all of these scams, the best advice is to simply delete the email. If you are unsure and think you may have received a legitimate email, CALL the Help Desk (ext. 4357), Career Services or your supervisor.  Do not reply to the email. If you believe your account has been compromised, the best thing to do is reset your password immediately, even as a precaution. You can do this online through the ITS website or by contacting the Help Desk.