Wilkes University


Thank You to Our Communications Officers

Please join Chief Christopher Jagoe and the Wilkes University community in thanking all our communications officers for the work they do and take a moment to recognize and appreciate them during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, formally recognized by the US Congress in 1991, serves as a reminder that the first step in receiving help is the initial call to Public Safety and hearing the voice of a communications officer. These men and women collect the initial information to pass along to officers in the field. Often they are able to give immediate lifesaving directions to the caller during medical emergencies or they can be the calming voice to reassure the victim of a crime that help is on the way. The service of a telecommunications operator extends well beyond taking calls from citizens as they are the lifeline to the officers on patrol. 

In short, communications officers are the two-way lifeline link for service calls. Whether the call comes by phone from the public or over a radio, communications officers are one of the most important and often under-recognized components of public safety.

Let's thank our communications officers for their hard work and dedication not just this week, but all year.