Wilkes University


Find Out about Volunteer and Ministry Opportunities

We are looking forward to another amazing year of volunteer service and community impact. 
The Offices of Civic Engagement and Campus Interfaith are holding a Volunteer and Ministry Fair on Sept. 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Henry Student Center first floor lounge and concourse. 
Check out volunteer opportunities in service at:

  • Eckley Miner's Village
  • The American Red Cross 
  • Ruth's Place House of Hope Women's Shelter
  • McGlynn Learning Center After School Program
  • And many more!
As well as Ministry opportunities from:

  • Orthodox Christian Fellowship
  • St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • The Church on the Square
  • And many more!
For more information please contact the Office of Civic Engagement (megan.boone@wilkes.edu) or Campus Interfaith (kristin.osipower@wilkes.edu).