Wilkes University


Canavan Publishes New College Safety Book

Peter J. Canavan, Wilkes public safety officer, information technology consultant and self-defense instructor, has just released his new book through Union Square Publishing, NY.  The title of his fifth book is The Ultimate Guide To College Safety: How To Protect Yourself From Online and Offline Threats to Your Personal Safety At College & Around Campus.

The book covers all aspects of how to protect yourself from threats both in the physical world and the online world. Online threats from identity thieves, ransomware, cyberbullies and more didn't exist a generation ago and are all covered in detail. These are no less dangerous than offline personal safety concerns.

Offline threats from active shooters, physical assaults, dorm room thieves, alcohol, party drugs and terrorists are all covered in this comprehensive book. It's a must-have for today's college students.

For more detailed information, visit Amazon  or Barnes & Noble.