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Kudos to Vijay Arora

International Journal of Nanotechnology in Medicine and Engineering (IJNME) has accepted for publication an invited paper by Vijay K Arora, Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics, co-authored with his mentee Arkaprava Bhattacharyya, who worked under him as a postdoctoral fellow when Professor Arora was a distinguished visiting professor at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).  Professor  Bhattacharyya is now a faculty member at SASTRA University in Tamilnadu, India. 

The title of the paper is “High-Field Resistance Surge in a Carbon Nanotube Ballistic Transistor.”  In this paper, a newfangled paradigm through deployment of the nonequilibrium Arora’s distribution function (NEADF) for resistance surge in a carbon nanotube (CNT) ballistic conductor is presented.  Ballistic transport is a collision-less transmission through a conducting channel that is smaller in length as compared to that of the collision-limited mean free path.  Carbon nanotube (CNT) is one of the carbon allotropes, other being graphene, nanoribbons, and bucky ball fullerene.  The research will trigger design of the sensors and actuators for drug delivery in biochips of